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I've always been a child of the heat

Since I can remember, I've been the child of the heat. Mom was ashamed to take me anywhere because I always got colostrums, and that's when I broke the sink at the doctor's, and he covered me, I said I was a turtle. When I was at my grandmother's when her friend saw me she said "how small and beautiful you are" and I looked at her and said "and you are old and ugly"... But now the story I wanted to tell you... I was 4 years old then. My sister and I were hospitalized for diarrhea. During the round-up, the chief enters the room with all the dawn and comes up to me first and says: I have to examine you. He leans over me, and I say to him: Guest, don't breathe in my direction, because you're banging on your mouth. All the nurses and doctors almost shit themselves out of laughter, their faces were covered with a history of diseases. The Chief made himself red as a beetroot and left. On any other visit he always chewed gum...


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