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From cognition to parting

I'm 25 years old. A lot has happened to me recently. One day on the bus, I was looking ahead. Suddenly, she came up stunningly beautiful and with a question :ticket, please. She took it and wrote her phone number. After 2 years of acquaintance we got married. Today is the third wedding anniversary. She worked like a ticket inspector. Me as a mechanic. One day, he gets a phone call Your wife is in a bad shape, someone hit her and ran away. I came as fast as I could, but the injuries were too serious and I didn't even have time to say goodbye to her... If you read this, so that I find you, nothing will stop me, I will be ruthless like you, in one moment I lost everything I had that I loved. I can't describe the pain. She was 2 months pregnant. If by some miracle you read this, remember that you took everything away from me.everything and I'm going to do the same thing overnight I'm closer to you. I had to get it out of my head because I can't do it anymore... What to do? Advise sth.


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the police have their hands tied because they don't know what kind of plates
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