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Pain after the parting with your ex.

I miss my ex. I'm getting depressed. I reject the feelings of other guys. I'm like a rock. I know that I shouldn't regret it, because there is nothing to regret, but it belongs to very sensitive and emotional people. My boyfriend admitted he smoked, drank, burned, liked to get into fights but treated me like a princess. Luke was one of the people who liked to stand out. I was with him for a year. We were fine at first. We went to the cinema, we met, we had affection, but until then. He started going to parties alone, we met less, he became sprayed, he did not tolerate my friends, he did not respect anyone except his group and me. After some time, he had a whim and wrote to me that he had to rethink everything. I thought about it. He started calling me names and said I had to give him some time. After 2 days, I got a message on the fax that he was breaking up. I'm totally broke. He didn't show up at school once after the incident. He ran away like a coward. He's been scheduling appointments to talk about it, but he hasn't come to the end. I also found out that he was overreacting with others. I know I shouldn't have defended him and missed him, but I can't. I've got a lot of boyfriends' take, but what if I can't get the feeling back? I have a lock. I'm afraid of getting involved in a new relationship. I was with a guy at the movies. I know I've caught his eye and he wants to or he wants to hang out with me. But lately, I've been feeling the sink. He's not really surprised. Being in the cinema was wonderful. We held each other's hands and cuddled up. When we got out of the cinema, he wanted to hug me, but I had a lock. I don't know what's happening to me. It seems like it's been a year since I broke up, but I'm still living it. He knows he's afraid of getting tied up, but I think he let me go. Every attempt at hugging, kissing, ends in a lock. I want to tell him that I like it and to help me overcome it, but I can't... What should I do?


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