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A hard parting

Hi everybody, I'm Claudia I'm 17 years old, and I was happy with a guy who is the whole world to me. He promised not to hurt me. He will love and support me. One day, my whole world was in ruins... He decided to end what gave him happiness for no reason... He hurt me a lot, but he doesn't give up and still wants to fight for him... Maybe I should let him go, but I can't, I love him too much. I wish I could hug him again and forget about all the problems around me. I don't believe him that he stopped loving me overnight... I keep deluding myself that he'll come to talk to me like that for no reason. I keep hoping in my head that we'll be together that it's just a bad dream. He was the only boy I took seriously and my first serious love... Despite a year together, I wish there were more years together. And to give ourselves another chance. I know I'm only 17 and this flower is half the world, but I only love him. Wish me much strength


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