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A wet date... massacre

I've had the worst date ever. The guy I was dating liked the guy so much that I was going excited a week before the meeting. Finally, another date arrived, I, all excited out of excitement, flew like a wing. He's terribly funny, really, his jokes are just great and I literally take it out of laughter at our meetings. That's what happened this time too. And since that date, I've stopped using the phrase "I thought I'd pee with laughter." Because it happened. You got it? He's telling me the lyrics of the century, I take out in the restaurant, I get out of laughing and suddenly I feel like it's over. I let go. A nasty rat flew at me, to the chair. I don't have to add that I was wearing white fabric pants? I ran out of that diner scared, no word. He was yelling for me, but I didn't stop, I was so ashamed. He's been writing to me for a few days, and I'm not talking to him because I'm dying of shame. What am I supposed to do?


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