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worst date ever

I met a guy who I've enjoyed for a long time. He asked me out on a date, but I guess it was my worst date, so... Probably the worst. The boy was quite wealthy, the rich man invited me to his parents' yacht. It wasn't a yacht with a little bit smaller, but it could be jealous, too. When we were on the yacht, we left, I didn't like the way it was wobbling. We sat down to the table and ate a bloomed fish drinking wine, and the conversation wasn't very sticky. Lucian, because his name was Lucian, told me that he made the food himself and made it all sucked up. Oh, yeah? He invites me in and asks me if my bff is free. It wasn't the worst yet. Suddenly, I was so sick I wanted to puke. Everything was shaking. The fish was so delicious. It was so ugly. Suddenly, I got up and puked on a bloody fish and wine together. I got really stupid and Lucian told me to leave because I'm sick of him, but when I left, I saw empty boxes of blooming food ... The liar told me that he was doing it himself at the end and shouted to me that he could take my bff and he was only going to get me drunk and get laid. I've been puking all the way. I think I'm seasick. worst date ever


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