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Hey. I'm Laura, and I'm going to first grade technical school. I met four girls in primary school and that's how our friendship started. We had many happy, sad, colourful and gray-white moments together that shaped our friendship. Whatever happens, we were always together. At the end of the junior high school I chose the technical school, and together they went to one class, a school, separated from mine by about a kilometre. It was supposed to be beautiful, as always, and the change of school had nothing to do with it. That's right. Yeah. Now it's December, the last time I saw them was in October, after I wrote to one of them that I felt bad about it, that they didn't write, they called. Not much has changed since then. When we write it, it's just a few minutes on the fb, and our friendship just legla. I've tried to rebuild it so many times, because I can't live without them. I love them, but I hate them for having me around. And I know you can say they're no longer worth my tears, but every time I think I've dealt with it, I find something that reminds me of them and I burst into tears. I hate myself for this weakness, because I'm tired of those long evenings in the dark room when I stare at the wall and roar. I told them about it, I told them I was bad, but they got interested only for a while. I don't know what to do.


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