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A stinking penis is nothing

Recently there was a confession here about a guy's stinking panties, through which the girl threw up during the foreplay. My story isn't dotted with fragrant rose petals either... I'm 22 years old. I've been seeing a boy who's 5 years older than me for some time. Everything was great, he's a wonderful guy, so I decided to go one step further and invited him to my place for dinner. I prepared dinner, lit candles, turned on cool music, you know, a romantic evening. I'm a woman who cares about her appearance and hygiene not only since Christmas, but, you know, for this evening I took care of it in particular. When he arrived, everything was ready. It was great. He also looked very good himself - shirt, shaved face, delicate perfume smell. Unfortunately, the spell has gone, and my desire to have sex fell after I took his boxers off. Turns out the guy doesn't wax. I think a man who cares about himself should at least cut his hair and not grow bushes there. I tried to turn a blind eye to it and joked that before he came, I cleaned my teeth with floss and he doesn't have to worry about my dentition. He grabbed a hint, said he'd shaved for the next time. I'm relieved. We gotta get to the point. It was getting hotter. Literally. The guy started to sweat a lot. You know, a normal thing when it's intense. But the moment I turned my back on him, I felt this stink. Sweat. The disgusting smell of sweat. This is one of the smells that makes me nauseous. From that moment on, I prayed that he would finish as soon as possible. When it happened, he wanted a hug. I tried to turn the other way by saying I was so much more comfortable. When I finally pretended to be sleeping I managed to get rid of him immediately took a shower, aired the house and lit incense. I've been avoiding close-ups with him ever since, and when he hugs me, I feel like I'm about to feel it and try to stop it quickly. What am I supposed to do... How to tell him to start using an antiperspirant. I know some people have a problem with hyperhidrosis, but, hell, that's beyond my limits. Help! The pubic hair went smoothly, and with this?


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