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My little good night addiction

I'll start with the fact that I have a rather strange predilection. I always make up stories before bedtime. Just so I can get better sleep. There wouldn't be anything wrong with this if these stories had some normal subjects. Well, I'm making up my mind that somebody dies, is tortured, and the best part is that all these "heroes" are known to me. Even good. Sometimes they are my friends or even teachers. I've even got a few of those stories I've always liked. The best part is where I get killed and then some person misses me very much and wants me to come back. And my soul is as if trapped between the sacred zone and the profane zone, I comfort her and then she also dies and we go to heaven together. I would also like to emphasize that all these scenes are very realistic, I pay attention to every possible detail, and the tragic threads themselves are so worked out and sometimes so bloody that it is terrifying. Whenever I think about it before bedtime, it soothes me, I don't usually think about it during the day, but when I come up with a new one, I can be very excited about the very thought of continuing it. And all in all, I sometimes wonder if I'm sure everything is okay with me, these stories don't translate into everyday life in any way, I just like to do it and it makes me very happy. Oh, my little fetish.


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I make up such a story every night, I'm not surprised you can't function normally or sleep well without such a bedtime story the next day :)
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