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No way out.

I am writing this confession, because I want you to appreciate your loved ones after reading it, and above all, if you do not do so, start listening to them. I'm 16 years old, I've always lived only with my mother, but there came a time when my mother found a partner. I don't want to waste time on details- I didn't like it from the beginning and I told my mother that out loud. She's been ignoring my words like that for almost two years, and he started showing his true face... Mom had a job, me and always rented an apartment, she wanted a normal family. She lost her job, but she opened a company that didn't work out... He's the only one who has some money and unfortunately he keeps us, every day I hear him calling her, blaming her for anything and reminding her that she's so stupid that she can't even earn a living (there are few places on the marketplace where she can get in because of her high education). She's 10 years old, but she can only call me a fucking shithead because I stand up for my mother. Whatever she's doing gets farted, she's doing it wrong. Mom wanted to make me a present, I love dogs and I used to have one until he had an accident, so when I got together she adopted a new companion for me... she didn't talk to her "boyfriend" about it because he doesn't agree to anything. I understand that it wasn't cool that she didn't say anything, but she didn't deserve the text "go fuck yourself on the streets" because you don't go to the apartment and you've been looking for a job for months. How to escape from the monster? Watch out for the people you let into your family, even the loved ones can make you feel like hell at home and listen to the opinions of your relatives even if they are unpleasant.


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