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Tell him the truth or keep lying to him?

Hi, I'm Angelika I'm 21 years old I'm with my boyfriend over 2 years you can guess we've done it many times. The point is, I've never been with him or my boyfriend before, I just can't. I get stupid when I always succeed and after the intercourse I cry or I feel sorry I don't want to lie to him like that I'm quite a shy person to talk about such things. I'm afraid of his reaction and I don't know what to do and whether or not to tell him the whole truth I love him and I would like to tell him about it but I'm ashamed I know it will be difficult.


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I've seen such a comment before and if I can repeat it: "in a relationship it's about telling everything to your other half, don't be shy and tell him it'll be better for you. And he's pe... commentary on what you're going to do about it :)
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