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Baby, you're dreaming of me at night.

KC Deer! You've been dreaming about me for days. I quietly hope I'm asleep with you too. You came to your probably some aunt's puppy we met accidentally on the street. You were very surprised to see me, and I'm not hiding a little bit either. You were a little afraid to talk to me, but I understood that. and everyone went their separate ways. The next day you and an adult went to a nearby shop and we met again. I think it was destiny for this meeting. You went into the store and I followed you. I felt a little afraid of me and you didn't know how to act. I would say that I would not be surprised if they rejected me, but she did not;) I told her on her ear that I would never leave her again and she could not be with anyone else but me. After these words spoken from my mouth, she got very scared and started screaming at the whole shop that I am some kind of rapist. I was really sorry she did it then, but I guess it had to be. After that sick laugh I had to wake up because I was walled up, and if it had happened, I probably wouldn't have stood it and would have broken down. Too bad nothing happens twice. I'd meet her again and start all over again, maybe one day she'll fall into it. We'll see <3<3 Your David...


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