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Believe in love.

I always bet on parties. I thought I was young, so I have to go crazy. Try out new things/uses. I never even thought about creating a relationship with a woman. I thought being a bachelor was just better. No one's making any fuss about you, no grudges about what you do with your life. Of course, I've been in a relationship more than once. Some were because they were, and to some I felt something. But somehow, every time I heard "me or my buddies and imorezy" I picked out parties. Perhaps because I have a huge flaw, which is pride. And self-confidence. On the one hand, it's an advantage, on the other hand, it's a drawback, because every time a woman left me, I told myself that if it wasn't the other one, or that she would come back anyway. Of course it always worked. One day, on the Internet, I met a woman by accident. This relationship continues to this day. Every day, we talk to each other practically all the time. I got attached to her. It's become so damn important to me, although I always thought that relationships over the Internet are bullshit. We're not together, but it's all going to happen. Since we met, I rarely go out to the club. I noticed that I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid of love. It's kind of a weakness for me. But I can't say I love her yet, or I don't want to admit it myself.


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