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Typical bitch ;))

I guess we all know a person who's a bitch, a wallpaper and a chicken in one. Who talks to others behind their backs and has already destroyed many lives. Which has a hideous oxygenated blonde and 5-cm foundation on her face. Which attaches like a Velcro to all the boys and probably got HIV or another disease. I think we all hate that type of person. He wants her to rot in hell or die in suffering. She calls from the worst and they disgust her. And yes, I'm that "woman", although I don't even know if I can call myself that... And you know what? The truth is a little different than you think. In fact, it's under the hood of a whorehouse that a helpless girl hides, which takes every word of it to heart, although it pretends not to move her. Why am I doing all this? The reason is simple, I'm just scared. I'm afraid that if I wash everything away, everyone will ridicule me for being so ugly. He pointed out my every imperfection and flaw. I have a hideous character and appearance, I know that. I hate myself for what I do, but it's like a disease. Do you think fans are gonna talk to others and know that I'll never have a real friend? It seems like a laugh on my face, but deep down in my heart, I feel remorse... I can't look in the eyes of the person I hurt... The worst part is that I can't apologize or confess that I'm stupid or sad... That's why I'm writing this confession. I want everyone I've hurt to apologize to... I hate my life. They'll never be angry if someone calls me that, because that's the truth... I should never have existed... I'm sorry, for everything...


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