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swierzakov gang

Yesterday I was at my boyfriend's sister's, she has a 4-year-old son, seemingly very wise and polite, but he shows the cones. To get back to the subject, she sent her husband to the store to get this freshman for her son because he had half a sticker. Of course, the first thing he did after his father left, he disbanded all his toys and didn't even look at my daughter who wanted to see her like that, after a long warning, his mother pretended to call his father not to take a freshman because his son is rude. Of course, the child's first impression was unbelievable, but he started to get angry, and he pissed in his pants. And what was it at the end of the call, Father, "What kind of freshman does the son want?", he was a little squeamish, but "strawberry" wasn't there, so what now? "Or maybe something else, son, because people bought it out?", "no" and a big hysteria, like not knowing what happened. He finally agreed to something else because Mommy convinced him to do it. You come back from the poor and show a spruce that the baby wasn't supposed to get because it was rude. I don't know what to think. What if my boyfriend's sister has another baby? Can he do it?


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