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School history

I'd like to share my experience with you. Well, I've been ridiculed by my appearance throughout primary and secondary school. I've been wearing glasses since I was a kid and that was the main reason why I was a laughingstock. Primary and middle school times are the worst times of my life. I've told my mom more than once that I've had enough of this school to prescribe me. I told her about all the bad things that happened to me every day. My peers could beat me, steal my money, pee in my backpack a few times. My mother always disregarded it and told me: "Whoever gets mad, likes himself. Now I go to high school, here I am somebody, I am very liked, because nobody crossed me out like that right away, even though I go to class with a few people from high school. Despite the stories of my 'friends', everyone decided to see for themselves how I am. I just thank them for giving me a chance. I ask every mother, every father not to underestimate children's complaints. Such experiences stay forever and leave a mark on the soul.


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