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The puddle in Agatha

I went with a friend to Agat's store to buy myself something to drink. It wouldn't have been any wonder if it wasn't for the puddles made between the shelves...We went into the store and walked around looking for something interesting. Unfortunately, Laura was asleep in her nose and she dragged it into her mouth... She wanted to leave the store and spit them out, but I told her that we'd buy the drink quickly and go out together. Looking for a drink, I was inadvertently bounced back. Laura burst out laughing, then all the secretion poured out on her hand and face. I started laughing and holding on to my pus because I was afraid I would let go. Laura saw me holding on to the cash register, let go of the thick pipe. She had pants with holes in them from the ankles to the waist, I hope you know what kind of pants she had. Her urine was pouring out of these holes making huge puddles. I couldn't stand it and I let go, but not like Laura... We'd put the drinks away and if we'd never go out. The cashier asked us if everything was okay. We couldn't answer anything. We left 2 big puddles of urine and left. We were hiding on all sides. We went to a place where nobody goes. We dried up and went back to our homes.We have been avoiding this shop with a wide arch for a long time, but I think every woman or girl had a similar situation.


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and then someone had to clean it up
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