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Appearances are confusing.

I'm a woman, I'm 23 years old. Sometimes in the summer I like to put on a short skirt or a dress. I like to paint myself sometimes. Unfortunately, I don't like jewellery and I don't like getting flowers. I'm happy when my guy buys me a game for a console or PC. I got a new keyboard under the Christmas tree :D I love BMW cars, I've always dreamt of my own, I finally lived to see it... I love to drive fast and I'm not a typical woman who breaks the rules non-stop. I can behave on the road, I finally passed my license for one time ;)I have a strong head, I was able to drink a lot of time and tell everyone what was going on the next day ;) He does not drink typical "piss", i.e. coloured vodka or fruit beers. I'm running for a better caliber :)I finished 2 years of computer science as the only girl in the direction... and as the only one in the class... Is there another girl like that? Am I a goddamn xD


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