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"Friend" history

I'm a student. He rents a room in a pensioner's apartment. A calm woman, sometimes takes care of her friends' child, goes to the garden, watering the grass around the house, baking cakes, meets other pensioners. Just filling in his spare time. We often talk (share a common kitchen), both with her and her Friend, who often stays with her, watch TV, drink tea, etc. We don't get in each other's way, I don't make any problems, she doesn't get in touch with anything and as she says "she doesn't even know when I'm in the apartment".AAA important information for this story. The kitchen is on the ground floor, next to one of the two bathrooms and a woman's room (bedroom), and my room is on the first floor. Today, while preparing dinner, I heard someone leaving the room and automatically looked at the door (which is usually wide open) to say "good morning" or something. And you won't believe what I've noticed... The naked ass of a friend of my calm old-age pensioner's, who quickly slipped the whole locksmith into the bathroom, probably after he saw me angle of the eye in the kitchen. Well, shock, I didn't say anything, he didn't see that I noticed him, because I caught him with my eyes in the last phase of escaping to the shelter (fortunately for me). I was walled up. I understand that sex isn't just for young people, but I didn't behave in this kitchen at all, so I didn't know I was in it. I came back to the room as soon as I could and called my boyfriend, who had been telling me for a long time that this Friend is not only coming for tea, but I didn't want to believe it, because he's such a distinguished old man. I know one thing: I'll always look at them differently, even talking about the weather...


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