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I hate hypocrisy

Recently, when reading confessions, one can often come across so-called "grievances" of ladies or guys who seek approval by writing something in style:"I don't drink. Am I some kind of abnormal?" "My peers smoke and I don't. What's wrong with me?" "Everybody's fucking and I'm not. Is that weird? "I'll tell you this, all of you IDENTIFIED and PERFECTIVE CANDIDANS FOR Husbandry... The hiccoprice meter fucked me over the scale after reading most of my confessions. They are written by people who know it's normal, but who want to be appreciated with comments like "Ah, these young people today, you are perfect". Sorrow squeezes your ass so much on the subject, the level of lies has its limits, with this confession I want to explain that if someone smokes, he smokes. It doesn't drink. It doesn't drink. Both people are normal, it is important to find moderation in everything. And for Moralizers of the Polish Internet, important information. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, have sex. I'm a teenager. Don't brag about it left and right, because it's my business. You don't want to. You don't drink. You want it? You smoke. And if you're looking for recognition, I suggest you go to your grandfather's, maybe he'll give you a candy for your MOUNTING behavior of a hypocrite.


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I support it.
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