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(No) True love

6 years ago I met a boy I didn't fall in love with right away. It wasn't love at first sight. It was a desire for revenge on a friend, but it turned out that I fell madly in love with him. He was gallant, dear, he always knew how to comfort me when I was bad and he was always with me. After 3 years of relationship, something got screwed up and everything started to go wrong. And so for the next 3 years we were tired of constant quarrels, I couldn't finish it because I loved him very much. Six months ago I went on holiday for two weeks to my family, he didn't want to go with me as usual. After the return of the relationship was unbearable, constant quarrels, some sick scenes of jealousy. So I ended it and "ran away" from my love to the other end of Poland and so I drowned out my love for him. Until then. A month ago he spoke to me, we met after a 6-month break. The feeling in me came back, all the memories literally everything. I met with him a few times and I think he's changed. He says he cares about me and he still has feelings for me, but he's so unavailable. On the one hand, it's like he wants to come back to me and on the other, he doesn't. I care about him. I don't know if I'm gonna keep on pulling it or not. Although six months have passed, I still love him very much, although I have cried a lot of tears because of him, I would still jump in the fire for him.


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