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Pregnancy pregnancy ah it's you !!!!

I'm pregnant, and I guess like any pregnant woman, I get hormones. In my case I like to cry, but of course, I happen to cry, for example, with spilled milk. So anyone can guess what it looks like every day. My fianc was worried every time I started to cry. But over time he saw that it was nothing serious. And every time I have this day and I happen to start crying. My beloved stops worrying about it, just cuddles to his tummy and starts talking to our baby. Explaining to him in a hilarious way how they are not harmed, that he always knew that Mommy is crazy but there is nothing to worry about, only they have to support themselves for the rest of their lives... Adding the child's answers, of course, and annoying me. Of course, I start listening to what he's talking about and I start laughing in a moment. So I wish every pregnant woman a partner like me and me. Thank you for being here!


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