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It's just Monday.

The situation is as fresh and warm as buns as it was when they were taken out of the oven... but to the point. He gets up at 7 a.m. on Monday, I look out the window, I think - not as bad a Monday as they paint him. The sun is shining, the bird is singing... :) I'm picking up my stuff, and into the car. After a few minutes spent in traffic jam, I'm going to class, how good today, because in total, only up to 13 I'm driving down a narrow street, a little bit of it blinded me, but somehow forward, to my surprise I'm so blinded by the sunlight that my driving ends, but on another car exactly the same :( My fault yes, yes, I agree, but considering that I had maybe 20 km/h or less on the counter, I think that nothing great happened there. And to be honest, it's with 2-3 scratches on the mudguard, nothing dented, nothing splashed, no trace of this little collision on mine. Everything would be all right, and after the case, if it wasn't for the fact that this car was driven by no one else but ? ... " Dog " Yeah, I'm so lucky I hit a dog, he was supposed to be in a company car, and he didn't even want to look at my sincere intentions to get along. He called his colleagues, they were in such a hurry that they arrived within an hour, how surprised I was how the whole procedure (sobriety check, paperwork) lasted almost two hours! They all got into a police car for good and had a chat. If it wasn't for the dog, I'd get along quietly and that's a fine, you know the damage in OC and lost time ... One plus point today is that I've counted everything in college...


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